★Silver 925★RAINBOW THERAPY necklace

★Silver 925★RAINBOW THERAPY necklace


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Rainbow color, 7 colors of luminous luminous (luminous) moon necklace. [First Wing Bling]

From the moon of the color most similar to the moon of the night sky, to the mysterious imaginary moon,


With the therapeutic symbol in each color door

It absorbs the light of everyday life and puts out the beautiful light that emits from the darkness.

Give it to me or your loved ones ♡



★ Blue door, rainbow door luminous (luminous) Inquiry about all inquiries ★

 Compared to blue doors and green doors (especially strong brightness)

Please note that other colors are relatively luminous (about the normal brightness of the daylight).



*** Blue Moon door is very bright compared to other general luminous items

You may feel that other glow colors are weak.

Other colors are more luminous than blue doors and green doors.


Because it is made by directly coloring luxurious phosphorescent pigment instead of inexpensive phosphorescent pigment

If you manage well, you can wear it beautifully for a long time.


If you wear your back a little while, wipe it with wet tissue ^ ^


★ Luminous (luminous) brightness order ★


Blue Moon >>> (Very Strong) (Even with only a little light, it is luminous, strong and you should not compare it with other colors)


Green Moon >>> (Very Strong ) ( Even with only a little light, you can not compare it with other colors because it is luminous and strong.)


Navy Door >> (Strong) (It is darker than blue door color)


Orange Doors > Red Doors > Purple Doors = Yellow Doors (General)

(You have to light enough light in your daily life to shine in the dark)




*** The luminous product is not just a product that suddenly brightens in the dark (the most inquiries)

If the light is sufficiently charged, the light will be developed. (The longer you stay in a bright place, the better the color development)


Leave it in sunlight and charge it for 2 ~ 3 minutes

 Please check the color of light with fluorescent light or cell phone flash function!


Glows emit light when it receives light

Suddenly there is no light.

Thank you for your purchase after you have enough awareness of the luminous :)







Handmade products may take up to 5 calendar days after payment.


[925 silver]

Necklace chain and hooks, all parts of 925 silver (court sterling silver) is made in

Wear the nature of the silver, if a little discoloration, simply wash (such as gold, cleaning agent) by

You can wear it as long as you like.